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Final Programme

Monday, October 21

Laboratory visit to the Metrology Light Source in Berlin-Adlershof:
Magnusstr. 9, 12489 Berlin

For this event, you will have to register until October 1st, latest.
Please select "Laboratory Visit Tour" on the Seminar Registration page.
Later registration for this event cannot be regarded.

16:00 Introduction: PTB in AdlershofMLS Seminar room
16:20 MLS TourMLS Experimental Hall
17:00 Welcome Reception & DiscussionMLS Seminar room


The seminar will take place in the lecture hall:
PTB, Hermann-von-Helmholtz building, Abbestr. 2-12, 10587 Berlin

ready to print:   Program_EUV2019.pdf

Tuesday, October 22
09:00 Registration & Poster Set-up & Coffee 
10:00 Opening 
10:20 Session I: EUVL (I) 
10:20V. BanineKeynote: EUV lithography in high volume manufacturingASML
11:00N. BöweringCryogenic cleaning techniques for tin-contaminated EUV lithography opticsU Bielefeld
11:20P.U. PennartzProduction challenges and performance of replicated optics for EUV and Soft X-raysRigaku ITE
11:40M. van PuttenEUV Beam Line 2 (EBL2) in commission: operating the EUV optics lifetime test facilityTNO
12:00 Group Photo 
12:20 Lunch Buffet 
13:00 Poster & Coffee 
14:00 Session II: Materials & Space applications 
14:00J. RebellatoModeling of the EUV spectral response of the Full Sun Imager aboard Solar OrbiterCNRS/CNS
14:20J.I. LarruquertSpectral evaluation of optical-constant consistencyCSIC IO
14:40S.A. GarakhinBroadband stack mirrors for the EUV range: calculation, manufacturing and characterizationIPM RAS
15:00M. SomanCalibrating and comparing Teledyne-e2v’s ultraviolet image sensor quantum efficiency processesOU
15:20 Coffee 
16:00 Session III: Gratings 
16:00Y. LiuDiffraction gratings fabricated by dynamic-exposed holography with a phase maskNSRL/USTC
16:20J. ProbstA new generation of aberration minimized soft X-ray mirrors and diffraction gratingsNOB
16:40M. BurkhardtAdapted Technologies for Customized EUV-gratingsCarl Zeiss Jena
17:00 End of Sessions 
19:00 Get Together & Dinner Buffet 
22:00 End of Day 1 


 Wednesday, October 23