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No.Submitting authorTitle 
1H. KirschnerHow Metrology can improve Photoemission TomographyPTB
2A. SokolovDesign, fabrication and characterization of highly efficient multilayer blazed
gratings for the tender X-ray region
3R. GeckelerAdvancing deflectometric form measurement of beamline optics: Current
state and future strategies
4N. Gutiérrez-LunaHigh-reflectance Al mirrors protected with hot-deposited MgF2 or AlF3GOLD-IO-CSIC
5T. SiefkeWire grid polarizer for VUV applicationsFSU Jena
6V. ZabrodskiiVUV Silicon Avalanche DetectorIoffe RAS
7J. EmmelkampSimulation model for the oxidation of Ru nanolayers under
oxidizing/reducing plasma conditions
8N.I. ChkaloCr/Sc/B4C multilayer mirrors with enhanced reflectance in “water window”IPM RAS
9A. YakshinStructural analysis of ion polished W/Si soft X-ray multilayer reflectorsU Twente
10F. MelsheimerLaser heating of pinch plasma for EUV emission: Determination of plasma
parameters and spectrally resolved tomography
FZ Jülich
11L. BahrenbergIn-lab EUV spectroscopy for the characterization of optical properties and
nanoscale geometries
12B. LüttgenauModelling and experimental evaluation of near-field intensity distributions
for high-resolution EUV transmission masks
13M. GhafooriDevelopment of a multiangular broadband scatterometer for critical
dimension metrology at EUV wavelength
14S. GlabischReconstruction of nanoscale gratings based on EUV reflectometry data and
machine learning techniques
15O. MaryasovDiffraction grating characterization with grazing incidence EUV scatteringRWTH
16J. FeikesFirst experiment towards „Steady State Micro Bunching“ successfully
performed at the Metrology Light Source
17A. Fernández HerreroLimits on the application of the Debye-Waller Factor in GISAXSPTB
18M. Ruiz-LopezAnalysis of FLASH beamlines caustic supported by wavefront simulationsDESY